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National Small Ruminant Workshop

Small ruminant project organizes a national workshop for stakeholders, collaborators and reviewers to analyses the quality of activities completed and also disseminate the important information among different communities of Pakistan. The objective of this workshop to share results and impacts of Small Ruminant Project relating to smallholder farmers and its implication for other stakeholders.

Held on dated: 17th May 2022 at Serena Hotel, Islamabad

Theme and objectives of the workshop

  • Share key findings and outcomes of project research and activities, and their implications for farmers and other stakeholders working in the small ruminant sector
  • Showcase recommendations, methods and approaches for small ruminant stakeholders to support smallholder farmers and develop the small ruminant sector


About the event

The event offered members an opportunity to learn from research studies conducted by small ruminant project team and share their latest work, and connect with other members of the community for betterment of small holder farmers.



Time              Session Title                                                                                                                

09:05                  Welcome to the participants and introduction of Small ruminant team

09:10                  Project welcome & overview

Audience poll: “What work do you currently/previously do to overcome the challenges faced by the SR sector?”           


Session 1:         Key constraints to smallholder goat and sheep farming

9:35                    Innovative methods and practical approaches for identifying constraints to smallholder goat and sheep farming

9:50                    Feeding opportunities & constraints in smallholder farming systems

10:00                  Examples of key findings from health monitoring

10:10                  Case studies of the impact of disease on production & livelihoods  

10:20                  What farmers need: Access to services & knowledge


Session 2:         Practical ways to overcome constraints to smallholder goat and sheep farming

11:00                  Innovative methods for supplementing kids and lambs in village settings: An introduction to ‘creep feeding’

11:15                  Effects of creep feeding in village settings in Punjab and Sindh  

11:45                  Cross learning: Implementing creep feeding at the SLD Research Farm, Dadu

12:15                  Other interventions to address farmer issues


Session 3:         New ways of doing: Inclusive approaches to strengthen support for smallholder goat and sheep farmers

12:30                  Using participatory approaches to engage and include smallholder goat and sheep families and their livestock production

2:10                    An introduction to engaging women in small ruminant farming support activities

2:30                    A showcase of technical resources for working with smallholder farmers   

3:10                    Facilitated small-group discussions: Workshop participants’ current approaches to small ruminant smallholder farmer development and reflections on new practices

3:30                    Summary of small-group discussions

4:25                    Group photo / Photo Gallery