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09 Sep 2020
Making the gendered case to policymakers
This infographic from SDIP illustrates the need to combine both qualitative and quantitative data. 
08 Sep 2020
Collaboration toolkit
This book incorporates lessons from the ASLP Social Research project as well as three lifetimes of p…
08 Sep 2020
ASLP pioneers Social Research approach
As the first ACIAR Pakistan project of this nature, ASLP Social Research 2005-2010 created lessons a…
08 Sep 2020
Big data helps ACIAR with social aspects of adoption
GENNOVATE is a large-scale qualitative dataset collaboration with the Big Data platform on gender an…
08 Sep 2020
SoC - Overcoming interdisciplinary barriers
Aik Saath facilitated a well-attended roundtable at the Seeds of Change Conference 2019. Entitled “D…
08 Sep 2020
Aik Saath Gender Strategy
Provides step by step guidelines to using Adaptive Learning to assess current status, gaps and activ…
08 Sep 2020
ACIAR Social science program
This program supports transdisciplinary research projects that deliver innovation and accelerate pov…
08 Sep 2020
ACIAR-wide gender focus
Improving gender equity and empowerment of women and girls is one of ACIAR’s six key objectives iden…
04 Sep 2020
ASLP Mango leaves legacy of know-how
As well as the Mango Value Chain Code of Practice and Nursery Manual, the research teams for ASLP Ma…
03 Sep 2020
ASLP Mango Production project HORT/2010/006
This links to the ACIAR project page, Final Report and related publications from the ASLP Mango prod…