Shelf-life study and disease management of indigenous chilli cultivars from Sindh

chilli shelf life study

The UAF post-harvest team conducted different trials on commercial and local chilli cultivars (Longi, Kunri-1 and Talhari) from Sindh province. Chillies were harvested from farmers’ fields in Sindh and transported to the Post-harvest Research and Training Centre at the Institute of Horticultural Sciences, UAF. Chillies were sorted and graded to separate healthy chillies for further studies in the post-harvest laboratory. These chillies were packed in open-top plastic boxes and whole wrapped boxes with modified atmospheric packaging (MAP), and stored at ambient conditions. During a preliminary study, all cultivars packed in MAP film showed better quality and an enhanced shelf-life as compared to the control. It was also observed that hot water treatment in chillies prevented disease incidence and maintained quality during storage.