A guide to value-chain analysis and development


This value-chain research and training manual consolidates experience from ACIAR projects across Asia and Africa. It sets out the practical steps in adopting a value-chain perspective to understand how to increase the profitability of agrifood value-chains collectively, and of smallholder farmers in particular.

An agrifood value-chain is a complex system that creates and delivers products that consumers value. The agrifood value-chain concept provides researchers with the framework for tackling the technical, marketing, economic, social and institutional dimensions of agricultural development problems, and integrating their results.

This manual has been designed for a variety of users, primarily:
* value-chain project developers and managers;
* researchers, trainers and extensions officers involved in projects, and undergraduate and postgraduate researchers who want to understand the principles and practice of value-chain thinking and analysis;
* value-chain members and any other project participants; and
* stakeholders in development projects that incorporate value-chain analysis, such as leaders of in-government policymaking and service delivery agencies, and of collaborating nongovernment organisations