TADEP was a unique, multidisciplinary program that sought to capitalise on its vast collective experience and networks. Critical to the success of TADEP was the extent to which it delivered value beyond the sum of the component projects and how each of the projects contributed to the overall program. To foster an environment of cross-program collaboration, to respond to opportunities that arise and to share key learnings from each of the projects, a program-wide Update was collated and circulated monthly or bimonthly, dependent on reporting need.

The audience for this Update was largely within the TADEP network of five component projects but as the reach of the program evolved, it also expanded its circulation across partner agencies, projects that were interested in collaborating with the program and other organisations keen to learn from the multidisciplinary programmatic approach. Whilst each of the five component projects formed part of a diverse research programs (horticulture, social science and forestry),they all reflected the higher-level program goal and objectives. The diverse nature of the five component projects was a strength, as it challenged the thinking and methodologies in sometimes siloed approaches to research.

The Updates were loosely structuredto encourage projects to share upcoming or recent activities, research tools, project or program achievements, lessons learnt or challenging areas that others may have insight or perspective to add. The Updates were informal in nature to provide opportunities for candid feedback and discussion.

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