10 Nov 2020
Pandemic food crisis threatens
A new report released together with ANU and CSIRO warns that the pandemic is exacerbating existing t…
07 Oct 2020
Alumni to boost pandemic-resilient agriculture
ACIAR is supporting 40 alumni to research how to support agriculture amidst COVID-19. 
17 Sep 2020
COVID-19 response aims for food systems resilience
ACIAR is undertaking a three-stage assessment initiative to understand and better respond to COVID-1…
28 Apr 2020
COVID-19: Plant doctors on the frontline support farmers to ensure food security
Newly trained plant doctors are considered an ‘essential service’ and they are continuing to offer t…
06 Apr 2020
Indonesia and Australia team up in zoonotic malaria research
The Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (EIMB) and ACIAR have today signed a Memorandum of Under…
06 Apr 2020
Beekeepers abuzz in sweet new Pacific project
Beekeepers in the Pacific are set to benefit from a new ACIAR-funded project aiming to improve the p…
12 Mar 2020
Disease experts meet in Canberra
Animal disease and economics experts are meeting in Canberra today to discuss the impact of one of t…
10 May 2019
ACIAR on the ‘One Health’ world stage in Oslo
Leading experts from around the world will converge in Oslo this week for the inaugural meeting of t…
01 Mar 2019
Developing biosecurity capacity
Developing biosecurity capacity is a vital part of protecting the agricultural economies of Australi…
01 Jun 2018
Stopping Panama Disease – the fight to save Australia’s bananas
Australia’s banana industry is locked in battle with Panama Disease with knowledge gained on ACIAR p…
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