The final review of projects AGB/2012/078 and ASEM/2014/053 was held in the week of 13th July 2020. The final review was originally planned to be held in Dak Lak, but insead was held online. All the relevant information and documents are available on this dedicated review page.

A reflection on the experience: Online Project Reviews in the Time of Covid19: What worked, what didn’t and what lessons we learned along the way

Progress towards completion for ASEM/2014/053

Progress towards completion for AGB/2012/078


Monday 13th-Session 1 – Introductory Presentations

12:00- 12:15Introduction of participants and review teamDominic Smith- UQ
12:15- 12:30Introduction of review processReview Team & ACIAR
12:30- 12:45Cassava Value Chains Program overviewDominic Smith- UQ
12:45- 13:05Shining a light on the global cassava market: exploring the multitude of factors that impact farm gate price and livelihoodsJono Newby – CIAT
13:05-13:15 Break
13:15- 13:35Overview of Agronomic resultsImran Al Malik -CIAT
Cassava Value Chains Program Overview
Shining a light on the global cassava market

Monday 13th-Session 2Presentations from Partners in Laos

13:35- 14:15Agronomic and economic results of improved cassava management; Is there an incentive at the farm level? (Bolikhamsay and Xayabouly)Laothao Youabee – CIAT
Jono Newby – CIAT
14:25- 15:05Policies, value chains and stakeholder engagement: Bolikhamsay and XayaboulyChanphasouk Thanthaphone-NAFRI
15:05- 15:30Discussion; Q & A Researchers, representative of Paklai DAFO and private sector (starch factory manager from Viengthong)

Tuesday 14th : Presentations from Partners in Vietnam

Time (Australian Eastern Standard Time)Presentation/ActivityPresenter/Responsible
12:00- 12:05Introduction of activities of the dayDominic Smith- UQ
12:05- 12:40Watching Videos of 2 presentations from Son La:
Agronomic and Capacity Building Results from Son La (English Version) (Vietnamese Version)
Impact Pathways and sustainability from Son La (English Version) (Vietnamese Version)
Pham Thi Sen and team from Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI) and CIAT
12:45- 13:05Discussion; Q & A Researchers and
Ms. Cam Thi Phong – Deputy Director of DARD Son La
Ms. Lan – Staff of DARD Son La
Mr. Ngo Quang Tuan – Deputy Director of Son La Starch Processing Factory
13:05- 13:55Break and watching 2 video presentations from Dak Lak:
Agronomic Results from Dak Lak

Impact pathways and sustainability from Dak Lak
Dr. Nguyen Van Minh, Tay Nguyen University

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Nam, Tay Nguyen University
13:55- 14:15Discussion; Q & A Researchers and
Nguyen Hac Hien, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dak Lak Province 
Mr. Ninh, Centre for crop varieties and animal breeds, Dak Lak
Nguyen Bach Mai: Researcher
Nguyen Van Tuan: Ethanol factory – Dak Lak
Agronomic Results from Dak Lak

Wednesday 15th: Presentations from Partners in Indonesia

Time (Australian Eastern Standard Time)Presentation/ActivityPresenter/Responsible
12:00- 12:10Introduction of activities of the dayJonathan Newby -CIAT
Dominic Smith- UQ
12:10- 12:30Agronomic Results Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)Research Centre for Root and Tuber Crops Brawijaya University,
CIAT Southeast Asia,
Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crop Research Institute,
University of Nusa Nipa
12:30- 12:50Impact pathways to sustainability NTTUniversity of Brawijaya
Indonesian Legume and Tuber Crops
Research Institute (ILETRI)
13:00- 13:20AGRONOMIC ACTIVITIES IN NORTH SUMATRA: Intercropping, Organic Fertilizer and Soil Tillage on Cassava Root RotYudi Widodo and Kartika Noerwijati (ILETRI)
13:20- 13:40Impact pathways and sustainability North SumatraKartika Noerwijati , Ruly Krisdiana, Wani Hadi Utomo
13:50- 14:20Discussion; Q & A Researchers and Pak Tommy (Factory Owner from NTT) and Pak Sitorus (Starch Factory Representative from North Sumatra)
Agronomy Results from NTT
Impact Pathway NTT
Agronomy Results from North Sumatra
Impact Pathway North Sumatra

Thursday 16th: Session 1 – Presentations from Cambodia

Time (Australian Eastern Standard Time)Presentation/ActivityPresenter/Responsible
12:00- 12:05Introduction of activities of the dayJonathan Newby -CIAT
12:05-13:00Discussion around:
Agronomic & economic results of improved cassava management in eastern Cambodia: challenges of going to scale

Leveraging research partnerships in Cambodia to address emerging constraints and opportunities
Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)

Imran Malik (CIAT)

Thursday 16th: Session 2 – Presentations from Myanmar

13:10- 14:00Discussion around
Agronomic Results Myanmar

Potential future developments in Myanmar
Tin Maung Aye 

Tin Maung Aye, Thant Lwin Oo (MOALI), Kyaw Thuya (private sector), Nilar Aung (Agriculture Department, Ayeyarwaddy Division)

Friday 17th- Future Opportunities and Priorities and conclusion

Time (Australian Eastern Standard Time)Presentation/ActivityPresenter/Responsible
12:00- 12:10Introduction of activities of the dayJonathan Newby -CIAT
12:10- 13:10Reviewers zoom interviews with project membersReview Team
13:10- 14:30General Discussion on Future Opportunities and Priorities for Research
background material =>
1. Summary of findings and impacts across the different sites (no video available)
2. Establishing sustainable solutions to cassava disease in mainland Southeast Asia
And what has been left behind
Review Team to lead discussion
14:30- 14:50Reviewers give concluding presentationReview Team