Project Reports

Pilot project on commercialisation of smallholder CA-based planters in Bangladesh - Final report

Institutions to support intensification, integrated decision making and inclusiveness in agriculture in the EGP - Final Report

Farmers’ Hubs as a vehicle to deliver solutions and services to farming communities

Identifying Eastern Gangetic Plains soil constraints

The implications of sustainable intensification on weed dynamics in the EGP

The regional hydrological impact of farm-scale water saving measures in the EGP

Quantifying crop yield gaps across the IGP from new perspectives – production, farmer profit and sustainability of water use

Effective and inclusive weed management in Zero Tillage systems: Policy brief

Implications of CASI technologies for scaling and policy

A Participatory Exercise on Foresight for Food Systems in South Asia

The Impact of Electricity Reforms on Agriculture and Groundwater Outcomes in West Bengal

ACIAR SDIP Climate Change Synthesis Report

CA Mechanisation for Bangladesh - Workshop Report

This report captures the outputs of a workshop that examined the range of CA seeding machines available in Bangladesh, including common issues with the equipment and promoting its use.

The Political Economy of the Rice Trade in South Asia

A report on the Political Economy of the Rice Trade in South Asia, by The Asia Foundation.

SDIP Phase 1 Synthesis Report

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research’s Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP) Synthesis Report (2018-2020).

Scoping Meeting for Foresight Report

A report which covers a scoping workshop for Food Systems Foresight in South Asia, which was convened in Delhi on 13 June 2018.

Happy Seeder Summary Report

A report which explores answers to the question: how can the adoption of zero-till technology be accelerated to provide a viable option for farmers across the Indo-Gangetic Plains?

Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems Intensification Project - Final Report

Sonar Bangla Revisited: Groundwater development and agrarian change in Bangladesh and West Bengal since the 1970s

SRFSI Digital Repository

Building Provincial Capacity for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanisation in Nepal

Aquifer characterization, artificial recharge and reuse of suddenly available water in South Bihar

Measuring women’s empowerment in India should be given a higher priority: Issues Brief

ACIAR SDIP Annual Report 2019 - 20

Exploring the Private Sector Investment Context in the EGP

Modelling the Performance of CA Systems Under Projected Climate Change

Stories of Most Significant Change

ACIAR SDIP Program Meeting 2019 - Report

This report details the discussions at the Annual Program meeting in Kathmandu, planning for 2020.

ACIAR SDIP Annual Report 2018-19

ACIAR SDIP Annual Report to DFAT, 2018-19.

CASI Policy Brief

Policy brief for Scaling Out Conservation Agriculture-Based Sustainable Intensification (CASI) Approaches for Smallholder Farmers.

The role of women in agriculture in the EGP

Report by SaciWATERs on the role of women in agriculture in the EGP, comparing the situation in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

Diversification Workshop Report

A workshop on Diversification for Sustainable Food Systems in South Asia, held to share experience and expertise in promoting diversification of farming systems in the EGP region.