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RapidCook Application

RapidCook is an application developed by RCBP team to help laboratory technicians to process and compile the Mattsson Cooker output files This application accepts output files (csv format) from Mattson cooker, sort the cooking time in ascending order, pick the cookign time corresponding to the pin number selected (default is 20th pin).


Product Profiles

RCBP collaborates with the sister project "Demand Led Breeding (DLB)" in developing product profiles for each partner country. RCBP team is currently developing project-specific product profiles aligning with PABRA's bean breeding pipeline.

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Optimum Contribution Selection (OCS) using MateSel with nominated balance between next-generation genetic gains and parental coancestry.

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Learn about MateSel through video tutorials presented by Emeritus Professor Brian Kinghorn of the University of New England, Australia.

Breeding Management System

The data from field trials in six partner countries is fed-back into the breeding programme through the common database system Breeding Management System (BMS) from Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP)

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Breeding Program Optimisation

RCBP collaborates with The Accelerated Varietal Improvement and Seed Delivery of Legumes and Cereals in Africa (AVISA) and Excellence in Breeding Platform (EiB). AVISA and EiB have the overall goal of modernization of crop improvement that includes breeding program optimisation and the adoption of efficient breeding approaches. BRÍO approach of optimised breeding program in the RCBP can be applied beyond common beans.

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Field Evaluation Protocol

RCBP adapted its field evaluation protocol from the Crop Ontology, developed by Bioversity International - CIAT.