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About RCBP

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Project Objectives

This project aims to deliver new genotypes of common bean with 30% shorter cooking time, 15% higher iron and 10% higher zinc content than current varieties, and to train African plant breeders in a new rapid method of plant breeding (BRÍO) based on optimal mating designs.

Project Activities

  • Integration of new breeding method, BRÍO into the CIAT/Uganda bean breeding programme
  • Selection for yield, bruchid resistance, disease resistance, drought tolerance and other important trait
  • Selection of improved lines through regional trials at six PABRA project partners
  • Selection of gender-specific traits through participatory variety selection (PVS) in each partner country,
  • Promotion of improved lines through PABRA Wider Impact Initiative (WII) and Bean Corridors approach
  • Training modules to faciliate integration of BRÍO in the breeding programme