Webinar: Commercialisation of smallholders’ Conservation Agriculture-based planters in Bangladesh: Lessons learnt

Tamara Jackson

Conservation Agriculture (CA) delivers multiple benefits for crop cultivation, and is becoming increasingly popular world-wide. However, CA is not a single ready-made and simple technology that can be adopted everywhere without necessary farm-level refinement. CA practitioners may need to incorporate changes in practices, and build experience over several years to fully learn how to optimize the technology for a particular crop or farm.

Getting the implementation of CA right is critical in resource limited, intensively cropped and rice-based smallholder farms. This webinar is a reflection of two decades of research into CA performance, farmers’ adoption and service providers’ feedback on CA practices in rainfed and irrigated systems in intensively managed farming systems in Bangladesh.

Lessons will be presented that will be useful for a range of stakeholders who are interested in promoting CA, including extensionists, researchers, teachers, students and policy planners. They can help support the implementation of CA in smallholder regions where food security, soil health and livelihoods are an issue, and to contribute to mitigation of global warming.

To join the webinar, register via the link below. Please circulate to others who may be interested.