ACIAR Southern Vietnam Mango Supply Chain Project

This project focused on Improving smallholder farmer incomes through strategic market development in mango supply chains in southern Vietnam - AGB/2012/061

The project aimed to improve the net income and livelihoods of mango farming smallholders by increasing competitiveness of selected mango value chains in two provinces in southern Vietnam. The objectives were:

1. identify opportunities to increase competitiveness

2. evaluate options to overcome selected barriers to competitiveness in fresh and processed value chains

3. improve capacity, industry stakeholder linkages and knowledge sharing

Tropical fruits, specifically mango, make a significant contribution to Vietnam’s economy and nearly half are produced in the Mekong Delta region. The region is an important economic centre supporting over 15 million people and contributing over a third of Vietnam’s national GDP.

Regional production is fragmented with few farmer organisations and weak supply chain linkages to processing and export companies. This project identified opportunities and delivered interventions using a whole-of-chain approach underpinned by a strong market and economic perspective.