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Read ACIAR's articles and stories of gender equity and women's empowerment, as published on the Reachout blog and elsewhere.

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Mother and son, Maureen and Richard Trison, inside their poultry shed with the lanterns they use to keep chicks warm
Family Farm Teams project grows

Professor Barbara Pamphilon is a co-convenor of the ‘Seeds of change’ conference. She spoke to Partners recently about her ongoing work in PNG and its likely extension into other Pacific regions.

Women take notes at a market
The social economist and the human geographer

Meet Professors Katherine Gibson and Naila Kabeer; two key speakers presenting at the ‘Seeds of Change' Conference.

Women selling dried fish along the Kasama-Luwingu road in northern Zambia
Facilitating gender and social change

An innovative program in the lakes fisheries regions of Zambia and Malawi has driven change in the livelihoods and empowerment of women.


Women farmers in Nepal
ACIAR gender equity strategy in action

ACIAR’s country offices are an important link with in-country partner agencies and play an important role in the development of the ACIAR gender strategy.


A farmer and her daughter
Gender on the agenda


In the lead-up to the April ‘Seeds of Change’ conference, Partners spoke to several gender specialists working in agricultural development about what is driving this change.

Dr Nghiem Quyen Chi says, “I love my job,” with genuine passion.
Blazing a trail for women in tree breeding

Significant steps towards gender equality have opened up new opportunities for women. ACIAR is contributing by supporting talented women to pursue careers in agricultural research.

Creating "balanced scientists"
Creating balanced scientists


ACIAR has had an enduring focus on capacity building, but that focus is intensifying with several initiatives in 2019.


Santana Rana cleaning moli fish
Small fish, big impact


Dr Jessica Bogard and Dr Shamia Chowdhury presented on the impact of a WorldFish aquaculture project in Bangladesh at the Crawford Fund Conference.

PNG smallholders
Success: PNG women as smallholder farmers


Helping PNG’s smallholders think of their farms as a family business improves their finances, shares the load more equitably and leads to better outcomes for men and women. 

Women discussing galip nuts (canarium)
Canarium nuts empower women farmers to build commercial businesses

From producing and selling their "galip nuts" product at local markets, these women from East New Britain are now working in partnerships to increase their volume and expand markets.

Transforming dairy farming in Pakistan
Transforming dairy farming in Pakistan


ACIAR livestock projects funded in Pakistan over the past decade have had one clear objective — improve the productivity and profitability of smallholder dairy farms.


Participants in an ACIAR leadership program
Transforming the careers of agricultural scientists and policymakers

Developing leadership skills and career development for agricultural scientists and policymakers - particularly women scientists in Asia and the Pacific - are key themes of ACIAR’s renewed capacity building program.

Working towards equality in research for development
Working towards equality in research for development

On International Women’s Day 2019, we celebrate our commitment to gender equity by focussing on a new wave of female scientists who are already working on ACIAR-funded projects in the Philippines.

Participants in the gender workshop
Prioritising gender and social inclusion in Vietnam

Crosscutting gender research, capacity building and networking aim to enhance value chains for women and ethnic minority groups, via workshops and projects