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A NARI staff member  practices using a tablet with commcare survey
Project reports
MAD research series final report

The MAD II research activity identified the level of capacity building required, the quality of support on offer and the most appropriate methods to scale out the successful integration of apps into a range of ACIAR projects – one each in Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam and Vanuatu, and five projects in Papua New Guinea under the Transformative Agricultural and Economic Development Program (TADEP).

MAD Bali pilot

The Bali Pilot study not only identified which ‘off the shelf’ technology is the most suitable to a typical ACIAR project, it explored how the adoption of app technology may impact the type of data collected and the quality of the relationships between the various user groups within a typical data value chain. A typical ACIAR funded project involves smallholders, field researchers, project leaders, research program managers (RPMs) and ACIAR management.

Short films